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Tamarind are famous worldwide as a flavoring ingredient in different cuisines. We make available the finest quality Tamarind obtained with care from the tamarind tree. Tamarind, commonly known as Asam or Puli, when fully ripe are also used in the making of different desserts because of their high sweetness content. The Tamarind are also demanded worldwide as an important spice.

  • Hygienically packaged
  • Free from adulterations
  • Free from impurities
  • High nutritional value

Available Varieties Of Tamarind
  • Seed Tamarind : The demand for this variety of Tamarind is high in North India as well as export market. It is cultivated in the regions of Jagdalpur, Raipur, Ranchi, Hyderabad, and Warangle.
  • Tamarind D-fibre : The Tamarind is best described as sweet and sour in taste, and is high in acid, sugar, B vitamins and, interestingly for a fruit, calcium. As a tropical species, it is frost sensitive. The pinnate leaves with opposite leaflets give a billowing effect in the wind. Tamarind timber consists of hard, dark red heartwood and softer, yellowish sapwood. Tamarind is harvested by pulling the pod from its stalk.
  • Flower Tamarind : This product is bread & butter for South India because Tamarind fruit pulp is traditionally popular in India as condiment added to many dishes like Rasham, Sambar, chutneys, curries etc. Technology is available now for manufacture of pectin out of this pulp. It is also possible to manufacture tartrates and alcohol from this pulp. The pulp has many medicinal virtues. Ayurvedic practitioners and folk doctors frequently used it as medicine. It was also a part of our home remedial system.

Quality Specifications

Test Specifications Stanadard
Plant Part Fruit Pulp
Description Visual Examination,Fruit pulp occurs as a reddish brown,moist,sticky mass in whichyellowish brown fibres are readily seen,odour pleasant,taste sweetish &acidic.It should be free from insects,insects fragments filth & molds
Identification From Quality As per API
Foreign Matter <=1.00%w/w As per API
Total Ash <=4.00%w/w As per API
Acid Insoluble Ash <=0.50%w/w As per API
Water Soluble Extractive <=59.00%w/w As per API
Alcohol Soluble Extractive <=46.00%w/w As per API
Seed Content <=8-10.00%w/w Quality
pH ( 10 % w/v Soln) 2.00 - 3.00 As per API
Acidity (as Tartaric Acid) >=10.00%w/w As per API
Loss On Drying >=10.00%w/w As per API
Shelf Life 540 Days As per API